We Do The Hard Stuff Right

We believe that distribution is the central connecting point
for all facets of a 360 Deal. One of the most important pieces
of the puzzle is metadata. This is one of the areas that could
rip apart the message that we create if it’s done incorrectly.
Metadata lacking integrity and incorrect database entries
will make for a lingering impairment to artists and their
We guide you away from situations that result in a
non-payment to an artist who has a UPC code that wasn’t
properly registered with SoundScan, or a UPC that buries a
release in the retail haystack for eternity. There are so many
music distribution farmers and aggregators out there, the
level of searchable content is at an all-time high, and the
amount continues to multiply.
Nobody wants their time and money spent on 300 studio hours just going into cyber space
like an astronaut without a tethering life-line. You are in
space making noise, so how do you get people to hear it?
Music retailers are extremely tenacious. What drives a
retailer’s decision to buy? Sell-through! What drives a
consumer’s decision to buy? A fair price! We care about
both. We will offer music retailers a wholesale price that
permits them to gain a fair margin and allows them to give
a great shelf price to the consumer.
We have written out a formal release distribution schedule
that is easy to read and acts as a road map to releasing your
product. This plan is exclusive to Altavoz and customized
for you. We call this plan “Label Boot Camp,” as your boots
will get dirty, but you will not trip on the tires in the music
business obstacle course. The way that is works is we provide
detail with every step in a 16-week project plan of all the
tasks that we do, you do, and what we do together.
We go
day by day with tasks in the project plans that are glued to
our final goal. We will be your partners in every single step
related to retail distribution, and we’ll manage the project
for you and with you at all times. You will never have to
worry about making a mistake in distribution…we can all be
accountable for all of the navigation required to reach the
street date and beyond.