Street Date Violation Protection โ€“ We have existing
agreements in place designed to protect against
unauthorized sales before the street date. We help level
the playing field so that no advantage is offered to potentially
disreputable retailers.

Venue SoundScan โ€“ Altavoz offers setup instructions and
assistance in the facilitation of submitting the official venue
sales transactions to SoundScan so that record sales are
counted toward weekly sales numbers. Counting every scan
is vital to success. We allow you to reap all royalty benefits
from show sales, but we do maximize the scans that these
sales produce.

Tour Support โ€“ Because connecting with retailers during
your tour can optimize local awareness, we map out your
tour and share detailed retailer contact information with
you. That way, you can contact retailers near each venue
and remind them of the activities surrounding the release.
We grant retailers access to the entire story of your artist
from what you would like us share with them.